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New stripped back anti-celestial single - 'We Are The Divine'

I aimed to create a song that can be performed solely with vocals and a guitar, without my typical use of foot percussion and effects. I wanted to achieve a raw and authentic sound as close to the original source as possible.

The song is about the divine existing within us here on earth, rather than in a distant celestial realm. I was reading a Neil Gaiman book at the time and his quote 'heaven and hell is something you carry around with you, not somewhere you go’ really stuck with me.

I believe that miracles occur in our daily lives, even in the smallest acts of kindness, like someone helping you up when you fall.. A world where everyone helps each other feels like heaven to me, whereas a cold disconnected world where nobody helps each other seems like hell. Those who brighten our day in even the smallest ways are angels in my eyes- ordinary people, not unattainable celestial beings.

I believe we all have the power within us to create heaven and hell in every moment.

I believe we are the divine.

Lyrics -

To see it you have to open your eyes,

Like coming to life for the first time

Dreams of celestial beings and miracles

And heaven and hell as places you go

But what if it’s something you carry around?

Oh oh oh it's not a stranger

Oh oh oh this is an angel

The person that picks you up when you fall down

Oh oh oh, we are the divine

If you’re looking for god just look in the mirror

It’s simple and pure not sacred and holy

It’s in our reactions and interactions

You’re already whole stop looking for more

Cause all we have is this

And this is everything

We are the divine


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