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Promised Land

Hi folks. So its been awhile, and how things have changed for us all.. I intended to write a post here a few months back. It would have been a pretty different post. However, I will start with something that has not changed – I am about to release a brand new single called ‘Promised Land’.

Here's a video of behind the scenes during the recording sessions..

This is a very special song for me, to explain more I will share the press release I have been sending out for the song..

Hailing from the dramatic North Wales coast, Psych/Blues Roots/Future musician Daryl James is releasing the first single ‘Promised Land’ from his upcoming new album. He had his biggest international tour to date booked to promote the song, which has unfortunately been cancelled due to the COVID 19 situation. However this will not quash the excitement of dropping this brand new healing anthem of a tune, which hopefully can help people through these tough times. He will be back for an even bigger tour to promote it when the world is back to normal..

Rooted in a solid foundation of the Weissenborn Lapteel Guitar as used by the likes of Ben Harper and John Butler, this heavy blues, gospel tinged offering is both cathartic and haunting.

Daryl says - It came to me as I was driving away from one of my favourite places on earth, the Promised Land swimming holes. I was in the middle of a tour and at the time dealing with some heavy personal issues. I went to swim and clear my mind, and as always it was absolutely magical at this sacred spot. I pulled away and 10 minutes up the road the song came to me all at once.. I had to pull over immediately and quickly write it all down. It all felt very guided, and it was incredibly healing for me.

I feel like this song is a kind of blessing for me, which helped me through these hard times. Hopefully it can do the same for the listener. It’s also a strong reminder that under duress, never underestimate the healing power of Mother Nature.

As said above, I have of course had to cancel the entire tour which included dates in both Australia and the UK. Needless to say I was looking forward to a long overdue visit back home to the UK to see family. The strange thing about it is that everyone is in the same boat, which brings about this strange sense of hope and unity in the face of it all.

Hope you're all pulling through alright, big love X

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