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Brand new Roots/Rock single 'Down South' - and a long overdue catch up!!

Hi folks. Wow it has been awhile! From hereon in I will endeavour to focus more on this blog, and to getting further away from the noise of social media, to have a more sacred space in which to share my art, and a more direct place to connect with you all. So please come join me, and let me know your thoughts :-)

It has been a hectic few years, amidst a great amount of personal upheavals and life challenges (all happening at once, it never rains it pours hey!), huge life shifts, recording a full concept album with my fiancée (yes we got engaged, in my home lands of North Wales!!) with our new project - Day of Embers (Check it out, please :-), finally being able to travel overseas to see family (we just spent 4.5 months out in UK and Canada), and now relocating to our new home, and more of which I will be unpacking and processing as I go (wish me luck haha)..

Anyhow, I'm here now (a little late I know) to tell you about my latest release -

One calm evening on the banks of the breath-taking Murray river, I sat at a beautiful spot overlooking the water, which also happens to be an invisible border from one state to another. Testament to the human imagination the bank on the other side is Victoria, and where I sat is New South Wales. However I could see no state line, just peaceful water flowing and the sound of the birds singing. I was staying in my van taking some much needed time out during a tour; revelling in the awe inspiring nature I lit a little camp fire.

I got to thinking about all the generations which had sat here before me; I could hear long forgotten conversations as whispers in the wind amongst the trees. I imagined humans roaming free before ‘civilised’ society formed and how they would naturally migrate just like other animals, and how that despite imposed yet merely imagined borders, the same innate desire still remains in so many of us. At what point did we stray from being guided by Mother Nature, and migration became emigration? I guess we call it progress.

Being an immigrant some 17,000 Kilometres from where I grew up, I reflected on the trajectory of my own life and the lives before me that brought me to the present moment. My migration so far in a nut shell began in Snowdonia North Wales, gradually moving through Europe, SE Asia then Queensland Australia. At this point I was travelling even further down south to Victoria. From the Northern hemisphere Southerly change has been my constant thus far. Feeling blessed in the shelter of those ancient trees, under the infinite and brightly shining stars dancing as they reflected on the water, I began writing this song – Down South

Down South is a song about the migration of my life, and all my ancestors before me that brought me to this moment.

Let me know how you feel about the song if you are inclined, as always it's always much appreciated.. and to state the obvious, please share and spread the word, that truly is the most valuable thing you can do to help your fellow independent artists.

Have an awesome day, blessings to you all!

Huge love

D xx

PS - Here's a clip from when I was laying down the drum track for the song -

PPS - Aaaaand here's the artwork


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