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Hey folks, i'm coming at you during a brief respite from the tour where we have managed to come home for a week due to a few gigs getting reshuffled.. After a ripper of a gig at The Rails in Byron Bay last night, i'm currently getting a few things done here at HQ on the computer, whilst getting my s**t together to head down to Blues on Broadbeach tomorrow. Very very excited to say the least!! Check out the line-up - Phhhhhewwwww!!!

There has been SO much happening I apologise for not posting for a while, but I have barely been able to keep up with it all never mind posting about it. It's a good thing though, just been go go go!! So I apologise about the barrage of things in this post, but its true to how things have been with me of late.. So alas, here is a link to all the press that's been happening if you wanna have a squizz, including the PREMIERE of the video for the second single I released of my album Insofar - Moth To The Flame :-)

And here's a direct link to the vid - Moth To The Flame. We actually used some of the visuals from this vid for the launch on the projector, i'll post that up at some point too...

I'll be doing an announcement about all the UK gigs real soon so stay tuned, exciting times!! Thanks so much for all the ongoing support through his album, and of course in general. It's been so good meeting you all at the gigs and hearing your feedback on the album etc :-) I've had such a blast making so many new friends and seeing so many amazing musicians on this tour too, I feel truly blessed!

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