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Album finished! Phew!! 'Insofar' Launch Party 22nd March @ Bearded Lady

It's finally out of my head, ready to be set loose into the great unknown! 22nd MARCH - THE BEARDED LADY BRISBANE. That's the very date of it's release, so please put it in your calendar and come celebrate it's almighty freedom!! It's gonna be one monumental hoo-ha!

So as you may or may not know I've been working on this album for the last year. It's all self produced, I did it all at home with fairly limited equipment, which was good as it forced me to be creative in the recording process. As in using saturation, reverb in unconventional ways, but I won't delve to deep into all that here, If you wan't to know more just shoot me any questions you have.

The point is 22nd MARCH - BEARDED LADY BRISBANE, LAUNCH PARTY!! I already can proudly announce, and i'm crazily excited to do so, that Blake Saban from one of my favourite bands the Urban Chiefs will be joining the bill on the night! More TBA!!

The first single 'The Wolf Is At The Door' has had some good feedback, thanks a bunch to you all for getting behind it. And thanks to Matt Webber at ABC for these kind words! - "Daryl James delivers something urgent and alive with liquid guitar lines threading their way in and out of some delicious footstompery. Hard not to image a sweaty, writhing mass totally losing themselves to this kind of thing under a festival big top before too long." Matt Webber - ABC Gold Coast

I didn't film too much during the recording process, I wish I had have now. I guess I was kinda busy :-p In all honesty I have spent an obscene amount of hours locked away in the downstairs of our house, testing sounds, doing takes, reskinning drums, hooking up guitar pedals and effects units, finishing off tunes.. but all in all i've had a great time doing it!!

Heres some 'rare footage' of me laying down the drums to a song off the album called 'Unbecoming' :-)

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