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After locking myself away for the last few months working away on the new album, I am so excited! Today is the day 'The Wolf Is At The Door' is officially released, the first single from the upcoming album 'Insofar'.

After a cracking start with Nkechi giving it a spin on Triple J's ROOTS N' ALL last Monday LISTEN HERE, and an interview/live performance with Remi on 4ZZZ Mixtape LISTEN HERE -


Incorporating hip-hop beats played on the body of the guitar, the track's driving guitar rhythms push his already expansive sound with elements from a vast array of sonic influences including John Butler, The Black Keys and Rage Against the Machine. Moving away from the acoustic, folk and gypsy ska of his last few EP's, Daryl James has found himself in a striking hybrid between gritty electric mixed with pure acoustic roots sound. Written about overcoming negative stereotypes and not letting the fear of what others might think hold you back, the single is about breaking away from living a 'normal life' as Daryl James explains, "I felt at my wits end with how wealth is measured in purely materialistic and monetary ways, and the pack mentality judgement of those who do choose to challenge ‘normal life’. Finally breaking away from this mindset I found that having less has made me feel more free, happier and more open to real human connection, which I believe is true wealth. I think more and more people are waking up and becoming aware of the wolves at their own doors, and realising that they can become the authors of their own fate."

Again, thankyou all so much for the ongoing support! NEXT, the coinciding tour of course, kicking off with AIRLIE BEACH FESTIVAL OF MUSIC (click link for tickets) next weekend! Playing along side Glen Matlock (SEX PISTOLS), Leo Sayer, Baby Animals, Sneaky Sound System, Shannon Noll, Juzzie Smith, The Urban Chiefs, Lecia Louise and heaps more!! Here's full list of dates -

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