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Single Jingle no3!

SINGLE JINGLE NO3! This one is for Hugh Maggs :-)

Who IS that guy in your profile picture?? For all of you who don't know what i'm talking about, I just crowdfunded my debut single, and one of the options for people who pledged was a personal jingle based on there Facebook profile picture ..this is the 3rd of 6, the rest coming soon! For full details of the campaign check it out here

Lyrics -

Hugh why do you, make us eat so many delicious Crack cakes can't stop addicted Gonna eat til' we pop!

He can fix anything, from a van to a sink But who's this imposter in the picture?!?

It's the man behind the most magnificent beard you'll ever see in your whole life so where's it gone?

Better than Father Christmas, David Bellamy and God So where's it gone?!?

Hugh, where has your beard gone?!?

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