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Goodbye 2018 HELOOOO 2019

Just want to say genuinely, what an amazing year! So many new friends, so much incredible music seen and heard, so much adventure. I am so grateful to be able to be doing what I am doing. 118 gigs from QLD to VIC, and from UK all the way to Sweden! 6 months on the road internationally touring my self produced debut album 'Insofar', which was released back in March this year. Still being blown away daily by the response!! Thankyou all SO much for all the support! You listen and buy the album here -

I’m about to do my last gig of the year tonight at one of my favourite local venues the Cardigan Bar, before heading off to Woodford folk Festival where we will see in the new year. I will be doing a Humarimba workshop for an hour every day in the children’s festival with my wife Lizz.

On that note, we have had some bad news. Lizz’s aunt has been running the Humarimba workshops for many many years since the festival was a tiny little gathering up in Maleny, sadly passed away after a 9 year battle with cancer (she was initially given just 2 years). She was an amazing lady, a beautiful soul and a true artist. The celebration of her life reflected this and was a vivid display of colour, singing and even a group Hungarian circle dance! I wanted to take a moment here to acknowledge Alison, she will be sorely missed.

Alsion was incredibly supportive of my music, contributing to my crowdfund campaign to fund my first single 27. I offered personal jingles as one of the rewards, which is the option Alison chose. Here is a video of that jingle.

She was so inspiring the jingle I came up with, I decided to make into a full song. I will release this song as my next single in 2019, with all donations going towards Ovarian Cancer charities.

Oh and just a little footnote here (ahem haha) EAST COAST TOUR 2019!!!!!! Been working hard on this one can't wait to see your faces :-)

Have an amazing Xmas and New Year folks, here’s to 2019! All the positivity! Big love x

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