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NEW LIVE VIDEO of my new song 'Soles on the Wire'

Whilst i'm trying to figure out recording my next EP or maybe album, I thought i'd post a live vid of a new song of mine called 'Soles on the Wire'. A philosophical muse on how all those shoes get up there on the wire, and an unhealthy dose of beatboxing and uncouth guitar!!

Videography and sound by Phoenix Rising and yours truly.. See lyrics below (plus a bonus verse I use in extended live versions of the song at gigs etc, but you wont hear in this recording!)

Thanks for taking a look/listen, of course it would be fantastic if you could share it around if you like it :-)



Soles on the Wire

Soles up, on the Wire Suburbia smiles under a purple sky Designed for the dirt Now hang high over the head of the feet they were under Cause fate gives no clues, and these shoes refuse to speak But they will tempt your eyes from the ground to the skies

Once below, Now high above

These words, the soul’s train Express explanations with limited service How do, those shoes? Everywhere get up there, was it ghost or anonymous souls I don’t know, but inspired I realise… In this empty street no shoes on my feet it was you and me Both you and me

A protest against the mundane They breathe life into these streets, conversations in the breeze Head up, in the clouds Very few see your feet now, firmly on the ground Cause you daydream with the rising souls See it all for what it is Silhouette shoes swing, illuminate the scene When smiles collide, when smiles collide

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